10 Ways to Celebrate Happiness Day

sunnyyogaTo celebrate International Happiness Day on March 20th I am going to stay home from work to be with my kids and dedicate our day to the celebration. Here are some ideas we’ve come up with so far for creating and spreading joy in our community:

RAK Attacks: It’s hard to say who gets more happiness from a Random Act of Kindness – the giver or the receiver. But one thing is certain – everyone feels happier after. So my kids and I are going to spend the day engaging in RAK Attacks as often as we can.

Smiles: I recently heard of a scientific study that claims that one smile stimulates the same levels of happiness in the brain as 2,000 bars of chocolate. I don’t know if that’s true, but it couldn’t hurt to test the theory. As we are out and about we will try to make eye contact with, and smile at, as many people as possible. We might even eat some chocolate too!

Compliments: Nothing spreads happiness faster than helping others feel good about themselves, so we will offer sincere compliments to each other and to strangers all day.

Appreciation: This is a great day to practice the art of “please” and “thank you,” and maybe bring some donuts to our local police and fire departments.

Gratitude: I always feel happy when I take the time to acknowledge the abundance in my life. So we will make it a point to pause throughout our day to remember all the things we are grateful for.

Laughter: Why not get inspired by watching some funny videos?  Click here  to see my son’s video choice to get the ball rolling. Remember, he’s 10.

Share the Love: Nothing makes anyone feel happier than knowing they are loved, so we are going to call everyone we love just to tell them so.

Gifts for the Needy: It was my 4-year old’s idea to donate toys and blankets for kids who aren’t as lucky as she is. I’m already happy about this one.

Token Happiness: My son had the idea to go to his favorite arcade with a friend and buy tokens for strangers so they can play the games for free. He also wants to give away any tickets he might win playing his own games.

Happy Greetings: Our catch phrase for the day is going to be “Have a happy day.” Maybe not so original, but still a sentiment worth sharing.

I’m tired already just thinking about how much work all this happiness will be, but I know we’ll be smiling at the end of the day and probably for days to come.

What will you do on Happiness Day?

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