A 3-Step Mindfulness Practice for Peace of Mind

openbookSometimes you just need a quick fix to help get through this moment and into the next. When this happens to me and I’m feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself, I find it helpful to remember this simple instruction from Pema Chodron’s book Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change:

“First, come into the present. Flash on what’s happening with you right now. Be fully aware of your body, its energetic quality. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Next, feel your heart, literally placing your hand on your chest if you find that helpful. This is a way of accepting yourself just as you are in that moment, a way of saying, ‘This is my experience right now, and it’s okay.’

Then go into the next moment without any agenda.”

The instruction is simple, but I think it’s the simplicity that makes it so accessible and effective.

Click here if you are interested  in learning more about Pema Chodron’s advice for gracefully navigating life’s ups and down in Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change


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