Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why is the name  Zen Under Ten? What does “Under Ten” mean?

The “Under Ten” in Zen Under Ten has two meanings. I have two children under the age of 10 so it definitely reflects my desire to work with kids, but it also represents recent studies showing that the positive effects of mindfulness can be achieved with as little as only 10 minutes of mindful engagement each day. Richard Davidson, PhD, reports that “by sitting and mindfully breathing for ten minutes a day, in as little as eight weeks, you strengthen the part of the prefrontal cortex involved in generating positive feelings and diminish the part that generates negative ones.”

2.  Is Zen Under Ten just for little kids?

Absolutely not. Zen Under Ten has programs for everyone, including children of all ages, parents and educators. Middle schoolers and teens especially can benefit from the stress reducing, self-esteem building practices we teach.

3.  What makes Zen Under Ten different from other mindfulness programs I might consider?

Zen Under Ten is unique in its layered approach to working with children and adults. Most mindfulness programs adhere to a set of principles that encourage practitioner to stay attuned to their present experience without adding any judgement or hope for a specific outcome. There is a time and place for that very beneficial practice, and it is a big part of Zen Under Ten, but I believe we have an obligation to offer more to ourselves and to our children. So Zen Under Ten adds a layer of tools from the areas of yoga, positive psychology and contemplative philosophy with the primary goal of cultivating happiness and self- esteem.

4.  Do you teach yoga?

Yes and no. I have training in children’s yoga, and there are many aspects of yoga philosophy and physical practice included in our curriculum, but Zen Under Ten is not a yoga program.


I am a single mom who lives in CT and works in Wall Street. 15 hour days are the norm, up at 400am for conference calls with Asia are regular and finding my ZEN in the manic world of a 4 hour a day commute and the usual demands on all single parents, continued to escape me. And then I found ZENUNDERTEN through a friend.
At first, the only time I could devote to my dream of a ZENLIFE was to sign up for the newsletter and buy every book on the FAVORITE THINGS OF THE MONTH. That took all of 3.5 minutes and the rewards were great. My nine year old son immediately took to the messages in the books we selected for him, I found moments of MINDFULNESS in my reading and the newsletters were a gift I gave myself to PAUSE and be mindful. And then I came across a MINDFULNESS CLASS. The class was in Riverstone Yoga in Tarrytown, which put everyone into a sense of peace the moment we walked in. My son’s initial reluctance to join the group quickly diminished with Royce taking the time to hear him, speak to him in an unrushed manner and put him at ease. The class was extremely impactful and – dare I say – actually FUN for my son. We adopted the practice in our lives and we have continued on with private lessons with Royce. We have to make time for mindfulness and in my case and for my son, we need to train ourselves the very simple and easy steps we need to take in order to be still, look inward and calm our minds. Thank you Royce.