A Short Thought Exercise for Cultivating Happiness

Zen Under Ten is about harnessing the power of our minds to cultivate ease and real happiness. In that spirit, I offer you the list below as a framework for thinking your way to a happier, more present, you – anytime, anywhere. Follow these simple steps and it is almost impossible not to smile.

1. Picture in your mind the face of someone you love. Really see them. Picture …

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A Gratitude Practice in the Palm of Your Hand

Brother David Steindl-Rast is quoted as saying “Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in the palm of our hands . . .” I love this idea. It’s so empowering to believe that gratitude, which is always available to us, can be used at any time to help us cultivate feelings of happiness and relax, focus and trust in our own self-worth.

I’m …

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Gratitude Journaling With Your Kids

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that individuals who write in a gratitude journal each night report increased levels of happiness in as little as six weeks? I can personally vouch for these study results. Sometime this summer I started keeping a gratitude journal of my own and I wholeheartedly believe I am better for it.

Each night I write three things in my journal …

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Let's Celebrate our Imperfection

Do we always have to be perfect? Of course the answer is no. We can’t. It’s simply not possible. So why do we like to pretend that we can?

The other day, as I was heading down to the subway platform, I witnessed a woman slip on the stairs. She didn’t take a particularly nasty fall, but she had lost one of her shoes and was now perched precariously …

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The Monkey is Reaching

I came across this poem in an old Shambala magazine the other day and wanted to share it with you.

There are so many things we cling to for happiness. We let our ideas about what is safe or necessary or normal limit our world and even worse, limit our ideas about our who our children are or might grow to be.

What will happen if we just let …

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Mindfulness for Busy People

Friends always tell me that they really want to learn to meditate, but they don’t have the time. I’m writing this post to say – make the time. If you’re feeling the desire to meditate that is usually a good sign that you need to find some way to create stillness in your life and quiet down. But I get how impossible it can feel to carve out …

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