Relief from Bedtime Battles in a Peace Jar

Last night my daughter had a bedtime meltdown. She wanted another story, she wanted to sleep in my bed, she wanted me to sleep in hers. Truthfully, she was just over-tired, and once her emotions were in charge there was no stopping the situation from going downhill fast. Until I remembered her peace jar.

A peace jar is a homemade snow-globe. It’s also my secret weapon in the bedtime battles.

Once I saw where this bedtime battle was going, I took a deep breath, grabbed the peace jar off the shelf and brought it into bed with us. Together, we stared at the pink and purple glitter falling in swirls of changing colors and shapes. As we watched I reminded her to take deep belly breaths and try not to think about anything other than the soft sparkle of the falling snow and the way her breath felt going in and going out. After about three turns of the jar she was quiet and calm and able to go to sleep – without another story, in her own bed, by herself.

It was amazing to see this simple tool in action. Just as the shaken water, at first clouded with glitter, had slowly settled and cleared, my daughter had gone from raging to relaxed in just a few minutes, and truth be told, so had I.

For a playful introduction to  using peace jar practice in your family, consider reading Moody Cow Meditates, by Kerry Lee Maclean, aloud with your child prior to, or just after, creating your own peace jar as described below .

5 easy steps to make your own peace jar:

1. Find a clean, clear glass jar.

2. Fill the jar to 3/4 with water, add 2 drops of glycerin (available at most craft or drugstores) and invite your child to add glitter in his or her favorite colors.

3. Add more water to top-off and tighten the lid.

4. Use colored duct tape to seal the jar and prevent leakage.

5. (optional) Add curling ribbon or stickers around the lid just for fun.

How will you use your peace jar?


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1 comment to Relief from Bedtime Battles in a Peace Jar

  • Sherry-Lynne kitschner

    Glycerin! What an awesome idea! You are such a smart lady. Thanks for sharing your continual inspiration. Sending lots of gratitude from Ontario.:)

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