A Short Thought Exercise for Cultivating Happiness

Zen Under Ten is about harnessing the power of our minds to cultivate ease and real happiness. In that spirit, I offer you the list below as a framework for thinking your way to a happier, more present, you – anytime, anywhere. Follow these simple steps and it is almost impossible not to smile.

1. Picture in your mind the face of someone you love. Really see them. Picture …

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Going on a Magical, Mindful Vacation at Bedtime

Having trouble getting your kids to bed? Try taking them on a mindfulness vacation. It’s a great way to use your loving attention to help them wind-down from all the frenetic energy of the day and gently transition to sleep. Here is what I do with my daughter, who is a very reluctant sleeper:

First, we turn down the lights and decide where we are going. Jamaica is our …

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