A Halloween Hurricane Lesson in Gratitude

This year for many of us the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving has been turned a little upside-down. Although I typically think of Halloween as a holiday of greed, excess and frivolity, for my family Hurricane Sandy has transformed it into an early reminder of just how much we have to be grateful for.

And as I sit here looking around the hotel lobby where my family has taken …

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Teaching Your Kids How to Surf Their Way Through Stress

Part of being a mindful parent is recognizing that our children are deeply affected by our moods. When we are stressed out and harried, whether consciously or subconsciously, our kids know it. So I was especially bummed out when I found a chart this week that quantifies lifestyle stress levels. I scored really high. A commute more than 1 hour each day – check. Full-time job – check. More …

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Why Did I Start Zen Under Ten

Full disclosure – I am by nature about as Type A as it gets. A straight A-student, I graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School at the top of my class and immediately entered the high stress world of corporate law where everything, including me, had to be perfect. Worse that that, I grew up in a family where no one could be happy unless, as we said …

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