Get Ready for Homework with a Game of

My kids are really busy. So am I.

And all too often homework is the last activity of the day – after hockey, tutoring, playdates, dinner . . . It’s no surprise that by then we are all exhausted and in no frame of mind for anything more demanding than vegging out on the sofa. Some nights we’re able to push through the fatigue and get it done. But on other nights, when it’s just too much,when it’s clear to everyone that tears or tantrums are inevitable, I organize a game of “Homework HA.”

Playing “Homework HA” is quick and easy:

Stand straight and tall. Reach your arms out directly in front of you at shoulder height with fingers wide. Then quickly pull your elbows to your waist as you turn your hands into fists, and on a strong exhale loudly say “HA!” Shout it even. Straighten your arms again and pull them back in with another loud “HA!” Do this a total of 8 times.

Next, without pausing, raise your arms to the sky, fingers wide, and on an exhaled “HA!” quickly pull your fists down to your shoulders. Repeat this movement 8 times.

Go back to arms out front for 4 reps, yelling ” HA!” each time, followed by 4 reps again pulling fists down to your shoulders.

Now repeat each movement twice.

Next alternate arms out and up, still shouting “HA!” each time as you pull in your fists.

When the laughter makes it impossible to continue, it’s time to end the game – hopefully with renewed energy and a sharper mind. Now if only you didn’t have so much homework . . .

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