Why Did I Start Zen Under Ten

Full disclosure – I am by nature about as Type A as it gets. A straight A-student, I graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School at the top of my class and immediately entered the high stress world of corporate law where everything, including me, had to be perfect. Worse that that, I grew up in a family where no one could be happy unless, as we said “there was something to worry about.” For most of my life I was stressed out, worried what everyone else thought about me and waiting for that moment when the stars would align, I would get everything right and finally be happy.

So there I was, in my thirties, and on the surface a portrait of success. I had achieved everything I wanted – a prestigious job, a loving husband, a beautiful home in New York City – and I wasn’t happy, not really. Sure, I could  laugh and play with the best of them. And I always smiled. But deep down, where it really mattered, I knew that if you woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me if I was truly happy, I would have to say no.

 I am grateful everyday for that moment of grace when I met my first true teachers, Jackie and Rudrani, who taught me the most important thing – that happiness comes from within, that I already had everything I needed, that in stillness I could find my true self. Since that first spiritual awakening I have immersed myself in the teachings of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, mindfulness training. . . seeking out any means to deepen my knowledge of my own self and find the freedom that comes with an honest, open connection to what is. Through years of practice I have become more the person I always wanted to be, more confident, more resilient, more loving, happier. And along my journey, in almost every class or retreat, I have listened to others give voice to the  echo of my own thoughts – “I wish someone had taught me this sooner.”

Zen Under Ten is my answer to that wish. These practices have changed my life for the better, and I want to share them. I don’t want my children looking back in mid-life as I did, regretting the years of self-doubt and wondering why it took so long to figure out how be happy. I want to teach our children that happiness comes from within. I want to teach them how to be resilient. I want to give them the knowledge and skills to be their best selves – happy, compassionate, self-assured, successful. I hope you will join me.

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  • Mick

    I am a single mom who lives in CT and works in Wall Street. 15 hour days are the norm, up at 400am for conference calls with Asia are regular and finding my ZEN in the manic world of a 4 hour a day commute and the usual demands on all single parents, continued to escape me. And then I found ZENUNDERTEN through a friend.
    At first, the only time I could devote to my dream of a ZENLIFE was to sign up for the newsletter and buy every book on the FAVORITE THINGS OF THE MONTH. That took all of 3.5 minutes and the rewards were great. My nine year old son immediately took to the messages in the books we selected for him, I found moments of MINDFULNESS in my reading and the newsletters were a gift I gave myself to PAUSE and be mindful. And then I came across a MINDFULNESS CLASS. The class was in the XYZ Yoga Studio (insert name here) which put everyone into a sense of peace the moment we walked in. My son’s initial reluctance to join the group quickly diminished with Royce taking the time to hear him, speak to him in an unrushed manner and put him at ease. The class was extremely impactful and – dare I say – actually FUN for my son. We adopted the practice in our lives and we have continued on with private lessons with Royce. We have to make time for mindfulness and in my case and for my son, we need to train ourselves the very simple and easy steps we need to take in order to be still, look inward and calm our minds. Thank you Royce.

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